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Dear KK
As usual I find it hard to think of what I could possibly need. But since we are down-sizing ("What?" says Andrew, " I see no evidence of that!")one thing I would love is to have a sun umbrella for the back lawn. I don't want one in green, grey or brown, but purple or hot pink,as bright as can be, to go with the flowers in our garden.It wouldn't need to be too big, as it will go in a little round plastic table we already have.The other thing I would like to have, perhaps even more than the umbrella is a new iron. Mine is over 40 years old and has done a good job, but I think it has reached retirement. Nothing fancy, just a simple iron that will keep my tablecloths looking spruce.
I hope this will give you some choice.
I have tried to be good this year.
Thank you in advance KK.
Love Jan

Dear KK
I would like a wheelbarrow from you for Christmas 2017. I know it mightn't sound exciting but I would use it every day and it would definitely save my back! The trouble is, when I went looking in Bunnings todsy I found that wheelbarrows are a lot more expensive than I'd realized, certainly more than I can expect you to pay, Kris Kringle. So I am wondering if I could have a Bunnings voucher and then I can decide exactly which sort of wheelbarrow would suit me. I have been 'specially good as usual. Thank you in advance.
Love, Jan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PS I will try to get Andrew to write to you soon. He has not been good. He has been walking on the roof with the blower!

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