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Dear Kris,
Much water has spread under the bridge since I first experienced the sheer delight of splashing Jean Paul Gaultier, Eau De Toilette, natural spray, on my freshly shaved features. I have resorted to Brut, which is French in name only. Dear Kris, could I please have a bottle of the real stuff?
Love Andrew

Christmas 2017
Dear KK
I would dearly love a lemon tree for Christmas.Now not just any old lemon tree, as I already have a very nice Meyer lemon tree, so I would like a different one, perhaps a Lisbon but any other variety would be greatly appreciated.
I have been extremely good, under difficult circumstances. Life can be quite hard when you have snitches living in close vicinity to you.
Please take good care of yourself.

2012 - Dear KK
Thank you for the wonderful gift of Jean Paul Gaultier. It even attracted the attention of a young woman while I was standing in a line with Jan. She asked "What can I smell?" Jan immediately ansawered Lancombe's Miracle" "No, she said "It's Gaultier" "Tht's me" said Andrew.(Much to Jan's chagrin)
Much as I would delight in indulging myself again, I must be more practical, for this year has seen an historical event, which will not be matched again in our lifetime.The Swanners, as rank outsiders took all before them in an emphatic grand final win. I would like to see this again and again and again without the stress of believing we would be beaten in the last minute.
I'm sure there must be a DVD of this life-stopping moment and that is what I would like you to deliver to me.
Yours in red and white(we share the colours KK)
Kindest regards,
PS a jumper signed by the whole team would go down well too, but it might stretch the $60 limit. A.

Andrew Treadwell

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