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Hola KK!
I hope you had a relaxing year and that you got a lot of love and cookies.
I'd like a

lots of love,


Hi KK,
Wow, how can it be Christmas already? It's a bit ridiculous really.
I don't need a writing slave anymore because I'm going to submit the thesis before Christmas I submitted the thesis on 30 November! Hooray! Hopefully we'll also have bought a house by then too And we bought a house on the 21st of November, so I'd really like a Bunnings voucher to start constructing a catio-extraordinare Look, isn't it awesome!
Love to you and all the other elves in your family

Hello KK,
How on earth can it be that time of year again? It seems like only yesterday I was deciding what to pack for our NY Christmas! My greenbacks bought me some lovely warm boots, so thanks for that!

This year I would very much appreciate someone else to write the rest of my thesis for me - do you think the present could cover buying a writing slave? No, I thought not.

So instead I would like a new eyeshadow palette. Specifically Clinique Quads - "Smoke and Mirrors"
look at the piccie here

Ho ho ho yourself!


Dear KK,

Thanks for the gift voucher last year, I got the lovely cream bolero cardy I'll be wearing at our Christmas party :)

This year, we're off the the good ol' US of A for a fortnight in New York and a white Christmas. Yep, you're right - we're never at home! Not when we don't have kids for Christmas anyway. (It's a sad old orphans Christmas without our little 'uns.)

Anyhoo, I would love some USA greenbacks to spend on an experience/present while I'm over there (I've heard that the Post Office does the best exchange rates).

We're thinking of having a helicopter ride around Manhattan, so maybe this will go towards that!! Yee-hah!

Thanks very much


Dear KK,

Last year your kind gift got me entry to the Musée D'Orsay (which I adored) and helped fund a dinner cruise on the Seine on our last night in Paris. I have beautiful memories of both those expereinces!

This coming year we have no travel plans (*sob*) so unfortunately foreign currency would be of no use. We shall be stuck in dreary Melbourne for (what seems like) eternity.

My pondering has been interesting. Unfortunately, much of what I want you I'm pretty sure you can't manage. But just in case, can you please give me a fully completed PhD for Christmas. If you can't do that then I'd be just as happy (happier actually) to have a baby in late 2014 as a belated present? I should probably have gotten over that particular desire, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Silly old heart.

Anyhoo, how about a voucher to a fancy store where everything costs way more than the voucher and I could never justify purchasing there usually. But if I had a voucher...well then I'd simply HAVE to spend whatever that gorgeous dress/jacket cost so my voucher wouldn't be wasted.

Fancy stores I would love to purchase from are: Veronika Maine, David Lawrence, Cue or Alannah Hill. They are listed in reverse alphabetical order, not by preference. I love them all, so you choose for me please.




Dear KK,

I am going to France in July 2013 and I would love some help to see some beautiful places.

Your (approximately 45) euros would allow me to visit/see/do:

Monet's gardens at Giverny
Musée Rodin
Musée D'Orsay
A night time cruise down the River Seine

With patisserie and le vin to fuel my body on my arty jaunts and memories to fuel my spirit.


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